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We can help you with

  • Managing life transitions 

  • Coping with stress, anxiety or uncertainty

  • Understanding and managing new illness 

  • Improving your emotional intelligence 

  • Developing healthy habits 

  • Learning the path to wellness

  • Supporting resilience and reinvention

  • Adapting to new cultures and experiences 

Rocky Mountains

How we work

One-on-one guided development work that combines working sessions and at-home exercises in order to help clients achieve clarity.

Individual coaching

Corporate coaching

Tailored coaching for a specific corporate culture. We work with management and the individual to set goals, define success, and help employees achieve heightened motivation and a deeper sense of purpose.


Guided interactive exercises that help groups share, collaborate and achieve positive and purpose filled goals.

Group Education

Through webinars or in-person talks, we offer best practices, practical frameworks and broader education on a variety of health and well being topics.

How I work

Topics we cover

At Naím Coaching have learned from first hand experience about change, growth and reinvention. Hand in hand with psychology and medical knowledge, We have developed various talks on mental health topics that affect all of us. We are currently giving talks on: 

  • The science of happiness and wellbeing 

  • Management of stress, anxiety and uncertainty 

  • Reslience in times of COVID-19

  • The path to well being

  • The physiology and management of emotions 

  • Learning about how our thoughts affect our emotions 

  • COVID-19 Basics - What we need to know to protect ourselves and loved ones 

  • Mindfulness for beginners 

  • Sleep hygiene basics


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